Calley defines liberty as more gov't

Date: August 26, 2013


For Immediate Release

Nakagiri disagrees with Calley's definition of liberty

Wes Nakagiri joined grassroots activists in Lansing on Tuesday to urge Republican Senators to vote no on HB 4714. However in a close vote the Republican-controlled Michigan State Senate passed HB 4714.  This bill enables the expansion of Medicaid, a key component of ObamaCare, to move forward in Michigan. 

The bill passed by a margin of 20 to 18, with 8 Republicans voting in favor and 18 Republicans voting against.  “It is disappointing that the party of “smaller government” voted to pile even more debt on the backs of future generations of Americans,” said Wes Nakagiri (R), Candidate for Michigan Lieutenant Governor.  On Monday Nakagiri announced he would be challenging the incumbent Lieutenant Governor in order to bring a balanced perspective to the current administration in Lansing.

Nakagiri contends that the implementation of this key component of ObamaCare is in direct contradiction to the Republican Party platform agreed to last year.  The platform specifically calls for the repeal of ObamaCare.

Nakagiri continued, “That the political class gives voters the old bait-and-switch is not surprising.  What is surprising is the magnitude of the deception.  When I’m elected Lieutenant Governor I will vigorously uphold the policies and principles of my party’s platform.”

Referring to the passage of this core component of ObamaCare,  the current Lieutenant Governor Calley was quoted in the August 28 edition of Crains Detroit Business as saying, “"This is also a victory for those who are lovers of liberty.”

Responding to Calley’s quote Nakagiri said, “That Lieutenant Govenor Calley views this huge expansion of government as a victory for those who value liberty indicates he is out of touch with his party or doesn’t understand the definition of liberty.  You can be sure that Republican delegates who will choose between Calley and Nakagiri understand the true definition of liberty.”

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